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About us

Welcome to Guinea Pig Stuff – where you will find everything you need to know about guinea pigs and more!

Guinea pig stuff  was born from a rescue where over 2000 guinea pigs have been saved and re-homed from every condition you can imagine. These include, being dumped, discarded, left in pounds, surrendered, changes of circumstances like moving over seas and more.

Through my rescue work there was a need to explain how best to keep guinea pigs as well as show tips and tricks for housing to make life easier.

So here on Guinea Pig Stuff you will find all the latest information that will help you care in full for your wonderful pet. You will find here new tips and tricks in the care of your pet and have fun appreciating these small animals and the pleasure they can bring to your life.

Guinea pigs are the most adorable pet and often seen as a child’s first pet. Through education we are able to improve the lives of these small animals enormously so they can live to be 8 – 9 years of age if kept well.

Welcome to the Guinea pig Stuff community!



(If you want to see more on my rescue – check out my facebook link here Cavy Central