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Travelling and Transporting

Guinea pigs love to travel with you, but it is important that you take care in how you transport them.

As they are a herd animal, it is best that you have them travel with a friend. There are many pet carriers on the market, however you need to find one that has sufficient space for them to move about and for good circulation.

Ensure that you have a comfortable absorbent layer under them. Shavings are wonderful as they will keep your piggie dry and comfortable. Some people use cloth to transport, but one consideration is that your piggie may move under the covers with fright and this can cause your piggie to overheat. So if you choose to use cloth – ensure that you keep an eye on them.

They will need to travel with a sipper water bottle so they can take a drink if needed for longer journeys. If the journey is short, they you can keep them hydrated with ‘wet’ foods such as a leaves, grass and vegetables.

It is important that the cage not be in direct sunshine as again the piggies can overheat and get heat stress which is life threatening.

Ensure that you only have a small number of piggies in the cage. I have seen rescues where there are 17 – 20 piggies in a cage and the all pile on top of each other. The piggies underneath are often extremely upset and overheated. So again manageable numbers to ensure their safe journey.

Ensure that the cage is secure. If you are using an open top box, make sure the sides are high enough or you may have a visitor with you inside the house.