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Staying Cool

Extremes in heat are dangerous and lifethreatening!

When the temperature rises above 30 degrees C, your guinea pig will be feeling uncomfortable and at risk of heat stress. Heat stress can kill your guinea pig.

To ensure that this does not happen you need to consider where your guinea pig is housed and prepare in advance if there is warmer weather. Ideally guinea pigs should be kept indoors but this is not always possible. For that reason on hot days you need to have a hot weather plan to ensure your piggies can survive.

Make ready a space where you can bring your guinea pigs such as a bathroom or garage space. The bath-tub makes a perfect cooler day cage for your piggies. Just fill with some comfortable towelling and all their food and water needs for the day and they will be more comfortable.

There is argument for giving your piggies cool aids like Ice pads. These are certainly re-freshing to guinea pigs. You can have a frozen pad under a soft cloth and the piggie will love to lay on this. However if a guinea pig comes to rely on this daily and one day, you forget, then this could be detrimental to how the piggie copes on that day.

Please watch the video below to see what temperatures can occur in a wooden cage even in the shade.