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Is your Guinea pig lonely?

Guinea pigs are herd animals and they need buddies but……..what do you do if your piggie has lost its friend?
What should you know about guinea pigs on their own.
Here is a few important tips that you need to know:
?Your piggie may grieve!
Over the following days your piggie may start to hide away more and more. Some piggies will seem shy and this
is more a sign they are becoming depressed.
?Where possible get to a vet, and have them checked if you don’t know what happened to the piggie that died.
This is necessary as your remaining piggie may have the same issue and be just a few days behind and could be
in need of urgent attention.
?Particularly now when the weather is cooler, make sure your remaining piggie can’t get cold.
Particularly if your piggies are in hutches, one piggie can be far colder than having a friend to cuddle with.
Help by providing a heat source so that they can move towards it if they need to be warmer.
?Don’t rush immediately to get a new friend if your piggie may be possibly also unwell. First make sure that your piggie is
well. A window of 2 weeks is acceptable to know this.
?During this time make sure you give more attention to your piggie. Particularly guinea pigs in hutches can be vulnerable
if they are left alone in a hutch away from everyone. Find out about new housing options for your piggies – (Hint! Hint!
Indoors is great)
?Give your guinea pig a toy buddy that is roughly the same size or a little larger. It is surprising how this can help, but we do
the same for wildlife young when they come into care, particularly possums.
?Don’t rush to get a new guinea pig friend without your piggie being involved. They like to have a say in who they choose, after
all, they will be sharing their space, not yours.
?Lastly, give your piggie lots of attention and enjoy lots of cuddles, as I am sure you are both sad at the loss of the other
?Use this time to reach out to local rescues and find out about the possibility of finding a new friend. When the time is ready you will be set to go.