In the event your piggie has a cold or is not feeling well, your piggie will not be able to thermoregulate properly. This means that your piggie can get cold. So just like we need to be kept warm, having a warmth pad that you can easily make use of will help your piggie. This particular pad is a thermal stone and will keep warm for up to 8 hours – so really great for the night-time ensuring that piggie can move on or off this as they feel they need to.

Also having plastic gloves on hand in the event there is anything messy to deal with.

Lastly Revolution for Puppies and Kittens – is needed to kill mites. If you have this at the ready then at any time you can make use of it. Revolution is very easy to use and kills all parrasites within 24 hours. You could also choose to use Ivemectin  but this is an oral dose that needs to be given based on weight. It also takes several days to take effect and you need to repeat the dose a number of times in the following 7 days.