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Hand Feeding

When a guinea pig is not feeling well you often need to hand feed them to ensure they get enough nutrition to keep up their weight and energy.

Most likely if you are on this page, then your guinea pig has already seen a vet. If your piggie is unwell and not eating – check the Emergency Symtom checker page here for advice and also seek good vet assistance.

Before you attempt to feed a guinea pig:

  • Never feed a guinea pig that is not aware or conscious! They cannot control swallowing and may breath in the food causing aspiration and then death.
  • You can place food infront of their mount and they can then lick/lap it safely in. No where near the nose.
  • You can also place food directly from the side behind the front teeth. Again a small amount and no where near the nose.
  • Guinea pigs can’t breath through the mouth, and if they breath in through the nose are incredibly compromised.

Times when you may need to hand feed your guinea pig include:

  • they may have a cold or pneumonia and are on antibiotics
  • they may have had surgery such as neutering
  • they may have had teeth surgery
  • they may be recovering from something else like an injury or sickness