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Guinea pig Treats

Making friends with a guinea pig is easy if you have treats – they love them.

What better time to treat your guinea pig when you are holding them. Make sure you have ready some of their favourite foods so that you can feed them when they are sitting with you.

Here are some great ideas to treat your guinea pigs!

– Get a peg and clip to the side of their cage, a fresh bunch of herbs or grass. They will love to come and eat from the loose sections in.

– Using a brown paper bag, open it out. Then inside the bag place a few treats that they love such as a cut grape, parsley, peice of carrot. Watch as they have fund exploring and finding their new treats.

– Keep those empty toilet roles! When you have one you can fill it length ways with hay or another item like fresh grass. Then present it to your piggies and watch them pull from the ends to take it apart.