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Ear infection

Ear infection
Guinea pigs get ear infections just like we do. They are extremely painful and can disturb the lining of the ear if left untreated. In saying this, they are not common but one of the possible signs to look for is a head tilt or rubbing at one of the ears.

More commonly guinea pigs tend to get a build up of oils and skin cells in this area and unless you clean them carefully, regularly, then it can be substantial. With so many folds of skin around the ear it makes it a perfect haven for fungal spores to commence.
If guinea pigs do have a head tilt, they need to see a vet right away as this can be indicative of other issues like heart failure. 

Below is a video on how to clean your piggies ears – and you need to do this carefully or they could get hurt. Underneath are then some sample videos that revolve around ear treatment. 

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Ear Fungal

What’s in that ear?