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Click here to see our current list of adoptable guinea pigs. You will also be able to complete the online adoption form so that we can reach out to you with information regarding upcoming adoption days and see how we can best help you.


If you would like to surrender guinea pigs to Cavy Central Guinea Pig Rescue, please click here to complete your information and find out more.

foster care

We need foster care help frequently and if you would like to consider this and help out Cavy Central please click here to find out more.


Volunteers are always needed and we can't run Cavy Central without your support. Please click here to reach us and find out more.

rescue stories

Make sure you stay up to date with current rescues and information which is continually placed on our facebook page. Please click and be sure to like so that you can get updates.

Are you going away on holidays? We offer indoor and fully covered holiday boarding with your guinea pigs being looked after 24/7 by the most experienced care.

All about fatty eye!


Fatty eye is a genetic condition in guinea pigs. It makes the ‘pink’ area of the eye ( called the mucosa) become enlarged and eyes look droopy. This is usually a slow process and takes place over a couple of years. It is also found in piggies with a heart condition, so if your piggie…

What to feed your guinea pig

Guinea pigs love their food! They eat often and frequently. They do love treats and variety. Hay, Hay and more Hay The key thing to remember is that hay represents 70 to 80% of their diet and this provides not only the fibre for their gut, but will assist in wearing down their constantly growing teeth. There…



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Come and join our community for health, wellness, and care issues for your guinea pigs, and of course share lots of photos and fun times.


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